Friday, February 1, 2013

My First Blog

This is my first time ever using a blog, however I am familiar with the term, "blog".  I think this technology tool is very interesting and is useful in the classroom.  It is important for us future educators to "keep up with technology" because we live in a society that there are so many technological advances that are used among the young population.  One way that I would use blogs with my own students is with an online journal entry that a student can participate in writing about a book that he or she reads outside of school.  This blog can be represented in a literacy teaching way!  Here the students can post a blog of what book they are reading and any recommendations that they may have for other students in the class.  This would help strengthen a student's ability to practice using a blog and other students in the class are able to comment on the individual posts.  This is represent a wonderful example of social learning as viewed from the textbook.  Blogs are fun and interactive for students to participate in, as well as being educational for school.  Another way that I would use blogs with my students is creating a blog that I can post a letter to the parents and keep the parents up to date with what is going on in the classroom.  This blog may also be used as a source for parents to see what assignments I would assign to their children and when they are due (Ex: Agenda-type).  I will most likely use a blog in my classroom and I think it is a fun and interactive way to keep students and their families engaged and updated with technology.  I also think it is beneficial to their education and their learning inside and outside the classroom.  One link I would use from my field that includes the learning standards with the use of blogs would be found at: NYS Standards for all subjects including ESL.


  1. Your ideas for using blogs sound very promising.

  2. Hi Kayla,

    Maintaining a blog is a such powerful professional learning activity...and fun too!

    Best wishes for your blogging escapades in 2013.