Monday, February 11, 2013

An Interesting Edublogger Post: International Book Giving Day

       A post from my list of edublogger posts that I found most interesting is from the blog Nerdy Book Club.  The specific post was called, "Celebrate International Book Giving Day" by: Amy Broadmoore.  
The post can be found at: "Celebrate International Book Giving Day".  I really enjoyed reading this post and chose this post to discuss on my own blog because it was very engaging to me.  I found it to be the most interesting out of the other recent blog posts from the other sites on my edublogger because it was related to reading and the use of books.  I find books to be one of the most powerful sources in education with our students.  I also was unaware of this International Book Giving day and it sounds like a wonderful day.  The author of this post was also very helpful with giving tips on how to donate and give gently used books to places where children are able to read them and reuse them.  It was a very thoughtful idea, whomever originated this idea and day!  I also liked the one nonprofit organization that the author of this post mentions as one of her five tips on how to give old books a new home for children.  The organization was called, Books for Africa, this is where people can send gently used books to Africa for readers there.  I thought this was another wonderful idea!  I also thought giving gently used books to hospitals or waiting areas was a great idea because there are not enough books for children, just magazines which are usually not intended for young readers.  The only exception to a magazine that was educational and was intended for children was the Highlights magazine.  I am not certain if those still exist in waiting rooms today.  If more people donate children's books that are gently used to waiting rooms and hospitals, then more children will be reading.  Children will also want to read more books because they become more interested in them.  Let's give our gently used books to children out there who are interested in reading.  By giving away gently used books to places where children can learn, grow, and succeed with their reading.  Let's educate and engage our students with this idea! International Book Giving Day is on February 14th.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the link to this post. I had never heard of International Book Giving Day, but I will try to participate from now on. Actually often leave children's book in the waiting room of the clinic where I volunteer and they always disappear fast which is exactly what I want to happen.