Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Joining a Social Networking Group

   Out of the list of social networking groups that were options to choose from, I chose to discuss the two Yahoo groups that related to ESL Teachers and Spanish teachers.  Both sites are called, EVOnline 2002 (Electronic Village Online) and Maestrosdeespanol (For Spanish Teachers).  These two groups caught my attention the most out of the others because I am currently trying to become an ESL teacher and I already have a Spanish degree from my undergraduate level of college, so both of them were very important to me.  I looked at both of them and the style is interesting because a person can post a question or a statement under the messages section.  For the EVOnline 2002 group, I thought it was interesting that the participants in the group gather together throughout the year and every Sunday in "Learning 2gether discussions", in order to discuss and learn about new technological tools to use to form online communities.  This group seemed like a very hands-on approach.  The other Yahoo group was the Maestrosdeespanol.  This group is great for Spanish teachers and it was created originally as a place to host files for sharing.  Also, it is useful to view because a person can download any document through this site under the "Files" section.  This group is also teacher friendly and it is similarly designed to the site I mentioned above with the inclusion of a message section, where people can ask questions.  Some responses that I read were very interesting to see!  It never hurts to be "speak up" (type) online and ask a question.

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