Monday, April 1, 2013

Voice Threads By My Fellow Classmates


         I have viewed two of my classmates' voice threads as if I were their student in their classroom.  I viewed the following voice threads: Erin Puntoriero's Voice Thread on: Mexico and Ying Li's Voice Thread on: Princesses.  I thought all of my classmates did a great job on their voice thread, but these two stood out to me the most.  I really liked the way Erin compiled her voice thread together in a very helpful and organized manner.  Her instructions and the media (video and photo use) helped her students navigate and participate fully in this assignment.  I think this is a wonderful way to incorporate the use of voice thread technology into the classroom and the topic Erin chose was great to discuss.  I also think that an educator can make and fulfill the learning objectives that come with this voice thread assignment with their students, and Erin did a great job and doing so.  I believe that the appropriate age group for this voice thread assignment about Mexico would be for middle school-aged students or higher grades.  The other voice thread I enjoyed viewing and acting as a student in her classroom is with Ying's voice thread about princesses.  I think this voice thread was clear with the instructions she gave and very informative about how to use voice thread for the first time.  I think this topic would be great for younger students in a classroom, elementary aged students (grades K-2), just because it was very simple with the idea of disney princesses.  Overall, I think Ying and Erin did a well-done job on both of their voice threads and they will both be useful in the classroom someday!

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  1. I'm glad that you chose 2 quite different Voicethreads to comment on.