Monday, April 8, 2013

Other Projects Available Through the ePals Program

         The ePals site is a great resource for educators and it is a global community where learners connect.  On this site, an educator can find a classroom, join a project, start a project, teaching resources, and learning centers. Some projects that I found interesting though the ePals program, include: Global Citizens, Science, and Smithsonian on ePals.  These projects were interesting to me because I enjoy learning about the world and science, everything that surrounds us in the world we live in today!  With the Global Citizens project, there are a few resources that are helpful to educators to use in the classroom.  These resources under this project include: articles, activities, games and quizzes, videos, discussions, and galleries.  I especially enjoyed viewing the "videos" section because it discusses important global issues or important days that we should know about.  This section really caught my attention.  Also, to use in the classroom with this project, students and educators can collaborate together to play the games on the site and quizzes that have to do with the project of Global Citizens.
       The Science project and Smithsonian on ePals are also very interesting to me because they involve the same resources of: articles, activities, games and quizzes, videos, discussions, and galleries like the other project but in a different way and about a different topics of Science and Smithsonian exhibit information.  I am very interested in learning about Science and History, and I hope to engage my students in many of these subjects' activities in the classroom.  These projects is a great way to use it's resources in the classroom with students.  There is also an online field trip section on the Smithsonian project that is very interesting to view.  There are great engaging activities and important information that helps an educator guide their lessons in a powerful way!

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